Hello there!

Thanks for dropping by. I am Pei Li and I get asked all the time, why 8dec? 

If you have not guessed it, 8th December is my birthday and it also stands for:





8dec is an event stylist based in Singapore that specialises in weddings, birthdays and any occasion worth celebrating.

Our works are painstakingly hand-crafted and we insist in thinking out of the box in order to create bespoke pieces that would befit the occasion.


I am a leftie, love crafting and all things beautiful. My middle name is perfection. I am also a new mum to a lovely daughter, who might be able to lend a (little) helping hand or two. I have a small team that is dedicated to make your wedding or event an unforgettable one. 

We look forward to hearing your love story! Drop us a message and we will be sure to connect with you.